Launching a WordPress website for Bodyshield, a chemicals supplier to mechanics and auto shops, involved several key steps.

They never had any presence online before. A real grind, the owner would make all his sales in person — an ideal circumstance, given that he has built strong relationships and secured revenue streams.

After securing a domain and hosting with Route53, I installed WordPress on a new Lightsail instance. I focused on crafting compelling content highlighting Bodyshield’s products, including detailed descriptions and visuals, and more: I also optimized the site for SEO by strategically using keywords and meta tags.

Some other details included:

  • Using Amazon SES (Simple Email Service) to configure email sending off the website’s server via SMTP
  • Include a blog section to share industry news and insights, bolstering the Bodyshield authority
  • Encourage the display of display testimonials and reviews for credibility.
  • Ensure the site is responsive across devices.
  • Integrate analytics tools to track user behavior and performance.

After negotiating a more longterm contract I was also tasked with maintaining the site with regular updates and security patches. Ultimately, this strategy will yield a user-friendly website that effectively showcases Bodyshield’s chemicals, catering to mechanics and auto shops while driving engagement and potential sales.