I explain to brands how using generative AI can be a surefire way to expedite their content production process. 

This began with engaging Jarritos for an experimental video ad, where I employed generative AI and 3D modeling. After researching the brand and target audience, we brainstormed ideas, and used AI to compliment and suggest concepts and generate scripts.

I then create 3D models of Jarritos products and design scenes, animating them for visual appeal.

We also leveraged AI for music suggestions and scene variations, with a focus on seamlessly integrating Jarritos branding. All, of course, with refining scenes with a human touch, adding emotions and storytelling.

A critical focus to conclude all this was to gather feedback and iterate for improvements; this helped me finalize videos in various formats for distribution on multiple platforms.

Here I illustrated and executed my strategy which blends AI’s creativity with 3D modeling’s visual prowess, resulting in captivating and brand-aligned video ads that resonate with Jarritos’ audience.