Business owners don’t always understand the need for effective design. Sure, they want to make more money, get more sales… but oftentimes, renovating their storefront is one thing they’re not prepared to take on.

A recent eCommerce contract focused on a local business selling art prints. With total sales approaching one million dollars a year at the time, they dealt with customers of all sizes: commercial, wholesale, and retail.

My focus was to identify pain-points customers encounter while shopping. Using a combination of design, programming, and sales skills, I optimized any signs of friction negatively impacting sales. This required me to manage this business’s team, oversee and assess the progress of multiple ongoing tasks, and report results directly to the business owner.

The impact of UX/UI on eCommerce conversion rates is significant, as poor user experience and design can have detrimental effects on sales and customer spending. When a website’s UX/UI is lacking, it becomes challenging for customers to navigate, find what they need, and ultimately make a purchase. 

A comprehensive assessment of the website’s metrics reveal that after one year, our efforts contributed to double and even triple digit improvements to various metrics of consumer engagement, as well as a 30% increase in sales. This concluded a successful, result-oriented campaign. 5 years later, and they are hitting record monthly sales numbers unlike anything they’ve ever seen. 

Once business owners see that even the smallest changes can make big results, they get very excited over the potential growth that good UX/UI can provide.